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Sprained Ankle Treatments Henderson

A ligament is a strong, fibrous tissue that connects one bone to another to maintain proper positions of the bones relative to each other as well as to stabilize joints.

Ankle sprains are very common throughout all age ranges and are a result of stretching of the ligaments beyond their capabilities, causing tears.

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Types of Ankle Sprains

Grade 1 Ankle Sprain

Grade 1 ankle sprains are caused by stretching and microtears of a ligament causing local pain and swelling.

Grade 2 Ankle Sprain

Grade 2 ankle sprains involve more extensive but partial tearing of the ligament with observable instability, or looseness, of the ankle joint.

Grade 3 Ankle Sprain

Grade 3 ankle sprains are complete tears of the ligament, causing significant pain and swelling with substantial ankle instability.

Ankle Sprain Treatment Henderson

How Do I Know If I Sprained My Ankle?

Ankle sprains are commonly on the outside of the ankle joint and can result in local bruising secondary to bleeding near the torn ligaments.

A “pop” can occasionally be felt or heard with more severe sprains.

Most ankle sprains can be diagnosed with clinical examination by an ankle doctor, and a fracture of the foot and ankle may need to be ruled out by x-rays. Further radiographic imaging may involve ultrasounds or even MRI’s.

Ankle Sprain Treatment in Henderson, NV

Initial treatment of ankle sprain begins with R.I.C.E: rest, ice, compression, and elevation to decrease the local inflammation and swelling and therefore reduce pain.

Ankle bandages, braces, boots, and/or crutches may be used at this time. Proper counselling to prevent further ankle sprains should include: proper warm up and stretching, proper shoe wear, awareness of your surroundings, and avoiding high risk activities when tired.

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Sprained Ankle Recovery

After the ankle swelling comes down, physical therapy to promote early range of motion, strengthening, and proprioception (balance) will help. Further conditioning to involve agility and endurance exercises may be necessary in more active patients. Proper rehabilitation is essential to prevent chronic problems including chronic pain, instability, and even arthritis.

If a patient completes the proper treatment and rehabilitation, and still experiences pain and instability, surgical management may be indicated. This may involve ligament repair and reconstruction, ankle arthroscopy to clean any scar tissue within the joint or any cartilage tears, and even ankle reconstruction to correct any deformity that may make a patient prone to ankle sprains.

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